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Unoccupied Property Insurance

For a cheaper way to insure unoccupied property, compare UK quotes with one short, quick, and easy form.*

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance – sometimes called Empty Property Insurance – policies are designed specifically for non-standard situations that regular Home or Commercial Property Insurance won’t cover. When a property is left empty, the risks that insurance protects against (break in, physical damage to the property etc.) become much higher and so a specialist policy is needed.

Is Unoccupied Property Insurance for Residential or Business property?

UK Insurance providers offer a range of Unoccupied Property policies and these can often be put togeter to cover either residential or commercial (business) property. So whatever kind of property you will be leaving empty, there should be a suitable insurance product for your building.

When do I need Unoccupied Property Insurance?

For many people, the point at which they will need Unoccupied Property or Empty Property Insurance will depend on the details of their existing Insurance policy. If you own a commercial building or a residential home, you will already have that insured. Check the details on your Home Insurance or Commercial Property Insurance policies to understand what the maximum period is that the property can be left empty before your insurance becomes invalid. If the period that the property will be empty exceeds that covered by your standard insurance, then you will need a specilaist Unoccupied or Empty Property Insurance product to protect it.

What if I am not insuring the building already?

There are circumstances where you may not already have an insurance policy protecting the building. For example, if a house is left empty following a death, there may be an extended period for probate and the house sale when it remains empty. In a situation like that, you would probably find that you needed to start an Unoccupied Property Insurance policy immediately.

Do I need Unoccupied Property Insurance for my home when I go on holiday?

Your standard Home Insurance policy is unlikely to differentiate between reasons for being away and leaving your home empty. Most policies will just state a period of time that the house can be left unoccupied and beyond which the house is no longer covered. For many Home Insurance policies this may be 30 or 60 days. If you are going away for a week, no problem. If you are going away for 5 months, however, you will need to change your insurance arrangements to make sure your home is covered for the whole period.

Can I cover the contents of an Unoccupied or Empty Property too?

Empty properties aren’t always empty – they just aren’t occupied. If you are selling a house and have moved out, the chances are you will just need to cover the building with your Unoccupied Property Insurance. However, if you are working overseas, but leaving all your furniture and possession in your home, ready for your return in a year’s time, then you would definitely want to add contents cover to your Unoccupied Property policy. Many reliable UK Insurance providers will allow you to add this when you set up your policy.

What about Empty Rental Properties?

One scenario in which properties may be left empty is when a landlord is between tenants. In this situation again, Unoccupied Property Insurance would be a very wise choice, but if you have already chosen a good Landlord’s Insurance Policy, you could find that the building is covered during the unoccupied period by that existing policy. You can find out more and compare some great quality Landlord Insurance quotes here, on our dedicated Landlord and Buy-to-Let Insurance page.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

For a cheaper way to insure unoccupied property, compare UK quotes with one short, quick, and easy form.*

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