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    Medical Travel Insurance

    Save time and money on Medical Travel Insurance when you get a quote online.*

    Medical Travel Insurance

    Medical Travel Insurance is a term used for Travel Insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions. This specialist type of Travel Insurance should offer all the peace of mind and protection for travel that a standard Travel Insurance policy provides, but will also cover incidents arising as a result of a condition that you had prior to taking out the policy – a ‘pre-existing medical condition.’

    Standard Travel Insurance providers may not cover certain pre-existing conditions or, if they do, you may find the premiums they ask are expensive. Comparing quotes from specialist Medical Travel Insurance providers could help you find the right policy for your needs at a better price.

    Finding Insurance to travel with Pre-existing Medical Conditions

    When you’re planning to travel, a good Travel Insurance policy is so important. In the UK, you’ll find a range of Travel Insurance policies, covering different destinations, lengths of trip and certain specific activities – like skiing for example. You can learn more about the benefits of Travel Insurance here, on our Standard Travel Insurance page.

    If you have a medical condition at the time you take out your Travel Insurance policy, you will need to declare it – that means telling the insurance provider about your condition. With standard Travel Insurance, you may then find that either you can take out a policy but it will not cover you for anything that happens relating to the condition you have declared, or that you can have cover to include that condition but the price you will pay for it is quite high.

    An alternative is to compare quotes for Medical Travel Insurance from specialist insurance providers who are set up to understand and provide cover for a range of pre-existing medical conditions.

    What conditions will be covered?

    The specific pre-existing medical conditions covered by Medical Travel Insurance may vary from one specialist provider to the next, but examples of the types of condition you could be covered for could include:

    • Asthma
    • Diabetes
    • Heart Conditions
    • Mental Health Conditions
    • Many Chronic illnesses – including cancer, for example.

    The list of conditions is long and the best way to understand how your particular condition can be covered is always going to be to spend a short time completing the quote request form and then compare the policies suggested to see which one best meets your needs and your budget.

    What should I look at when comparing Travel Insurance Quotes?

    When you are shopping for any kind of UK Insurance, you really do need to read the policy as carefully as the quote! Comparing Travel Insurance deals is no different. Make sure that you are getting cover for the things that matter to you – but also double check that you aren’t paying an additional premium for a level of cover that you will never need. For example, if you have no intention of setting foot on the ski slopes, you won’t need to pay for Winter Sports Cover!

    Here are some of the types of protection you can expect from a Travel Insurance policy:

    • Medical Expenses if you are injured or become ill while you are away from home
    • Repatriation – the cost of bringing you home if you are ill or injured seriously
    • Cover for lost passports, travel documents and money
    • Cover for lost, damaged or delayed luggage
    • Cover for travel delays or cancellations outside your control
    • Personal liablity cover if you cause an accident or injury somebody else
    • Cancellation costs if you need to cancel your holiday for reasons beyond your control and stated in the policy

    What Kind of Travel Insurance Policy should I go for?

    Have a think about how often you travel and where you tend to go. You can either buy Single Trip Travel Insurance every time you go away, or take out Annual Cover with a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy. The Multi-Trip type of insurance gives you peace of mind for every trip – but do check the maximum length allowed for each stay, as this can vary. Then think about where you are going. You will often find that Uk Travel Insurance deals offer policies for Europe or Worldwide – and that Worldwide is often split into two options, either including or excluding The USA, Canada, The Caribbean and Mexico. Finally, some Travel Insurance providers extend their European cover a little to include Egypt and Morrocco, for example. So check the details and you might find that you don’t need to pay extra for Worldwide travel cover after all.

    Covid and Travel Insurance

    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers have all become more aware of just how important travel insurance can be. Many of us had to cancel or change our plans as a result of illness or travel restrictions and most UK Travel Insurance policies will now make specific reference to the coronavirus disease. However, not all policies will offer the same level of cover – so check before you sign up.

    Medical Travel Insurance

    Save time and money on Medical Travel Insurance when you get a quote online.*

    Compare Other UK Insurance Quotes

    Compare quotes for a range of different types of Insurance. Take a look at these Insurance categories and remember, whatever you select, it will always be quick and easy to find the right Insurance at the best price for you.

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