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Daily Car Insurance

Get instant Car Insurance cover from 1 hour to 28 days with this quick and easy option for drivers aged 21 or over.*

Daily Car Insurance

If you are borrowing a car, you’ll need to be insured to drive it. The car owner could add you as a named driver on their own Annual Car Insurance policy – but this is likely to be expensive for them, especially if it is a one-off. A cheaper option might be to consider a flexible short-term policy to insure you while you borrow the car. Available to buy by the hour or by the day, Daily Car Insurance is a separate policy to that held by the car’s owner, meaning that should something happen, the car owner’s premiums and No Claims Bonus won’t be impacted. Cover is often available instantly, which is why this type of policy is also known as Same Day Insurance.

How long can I be insured for?

There are a few companies offering Daily or Hourly Car Insurance, most of them will let you buy insurance for as little as one hour. If you think you need days and not hours, you will find that most will allow you to buy about a month’s worth (28 days) of insurance at one time. After that, you can either buy a new Daily Insurance policy or consider whether an annual policy might work out to be better value.

Instant Car Insurance Cover

Quite often, we find ourselves needing to borrow a friend’s, relative’s or colleague’s car to solve a problem – and problems aren’t always planned in advance! Daily or Hourly Car Insurance is available to buy online or via an app and can often start as soon as you have entered your details and paid. This flexibility allows you to drive legally within minutes – so it’s great for situations where your plans change at the last minute, or in an emergency when you need to drive a car that you aren’t insured on. You can also use a Daily Car Insurance policy to ensure you to drive own car for a short period of time.

Ready to Go?
Choose how long to be insured for, get a quote and you’ll be ready to hit the road in minutes.*

Who can buy Hourly or Daily Car Insurance?

Different companies have different requirements that a customer will need to meet before they can buy an hourly or daily policy. They will also need to know a bit about the car you will be driving – and may have some restrictions relating to the vehicle too. You will probably find that, to buy short-term Car Insurance by the hour or by the day, the insurance provider will set a minimum for how long you have held a UK driving licence. They may specify a minimum age of driver that they will cover and will also have some limits to the age and type of car you can be insured to drive.

As an example, Zixty will cover drivers from ages 21 to 75, will ask that you have held a full UK driving licence for at least 6 months and will need to know about any points on your licence or previous insurance claims*.

Other Temporary Car Insurance may cover younger and older drivers – if that’s what you need, take a look at our Temporary Car Insurance page to get a quote.

When to consider an Hourly or Daily Car Insurance Policy

This type of flexible Car Insurance might be a great choice in any situation where you are driving a car occasionally – or borrowing a car as a one-off. Cover is instant and being able to tailor the length of cover by the hour makes it a great value way of driving.

Insurance for Driving Somebody Else’s Car:

  • Home from University? If you only drive during the holidays, daily insurance could be a great value way to get insured for driving a relative’s or friend’s car.
  • Moving Home? Lot’s to Carry? Whether it’s a boot full of your best stuff, or a trip to pick up flat-pack furniture, sometimes you just need to borrow a car to make life easier!
  • Road Trip? Lucky you! If you are going on a long drive in a friend’s car, why not get a daily insurance policy to cover you and then you can share the driving?
  • Emergencies. If you need to drive a car that you aren’t usually insured on – perhaps because you are away and the driver can’t drive due to illness, or because you need to pick up a car that a relative has had to leave somewhere – then instant cover allows you to do what you need to do safely and legally.
  • Test Driving a Car being Sold Privately. If you are a buying a car from a private owner, their standard Car Insurance is unlikely to cover you for a test drive. Just get the vehicle details and the owner’s permission and you can arrange a few hours insurance while you take a test drive.

Daily or Hourly Insurance for your Own Car:

  • Working away from home. If you are working away from home – and away from your car – for an extended period, you might find that you are only driving it very occasionally. In this situation, it might make sense to do the maths and see if a flexible, daily policy could work out better value than an Annual Car Insurance Policy.
  • In-between Annual Insurance Policies. If you insure your own car annually, and find your renewal date has arrived before you’ve had time to compare Car Insurance quotes, a short-term daily policy could buy you some time while you shop around. You’ll need to have some insurance in place to drive the car, so don’t be left without cover.
  • Day trips in your pride and joy! If you have a car that’s not really for everyday, then a daily policy might work perfectly on those days that you do fancy taking your treasure for a spin! As many Daily Car Insurance policies offer Instant Cover, there’s nothing to stop you being spontaneous when the sun is shining!

Levels of Cover Available on Same Day Car Insurance:

In the UK, Car Insurance cover can be divided into three different levels: Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive. Be sure to read the details of any Same Day, Daily or Hourly Car Insurance quote so that you understand what is – and what isn’t covered.

For more information on these levels of UK Car Insurance cover, take a look at our standard annual Car Insurance page.

Daily Car Insurance

Get instant Car Insurance cover from 1 hour to 28 days with this quick and easy option for drivers aged 21 or over.*

Not Quite Right for You?

If you need a more specific kind of cover – for example, for a Classic Car – or want to explore other Temporary Car Insurance options, you’ll find easy ways to compare costs on any of these Car, Van and Bike Insurance products.

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