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Caravan Insurance

Just one short form gets you great quotes on Caravan Insurance from quality UK Insurance providers.*

Caravan Insurance

Caravan Insurance is the name for a range of UK Insurance policies designed to cover Touring Caravans and Static Caravans. Some Caravan Insurance can also cover Folding Caravans and Trailer Tents. In the UK, Caravan Insurance does not cover Campervans or Motorhomes, as they are vehicles in their own right, rather than items to be towed by other vehicles. You’ll find more information on our Campervan Insurance Page and our Motorhome Insurance page.

Insuring a Touring or a Static Caravan?

UK Caravan Insurance can cover either Touring or Static Caravans, but there are different things to consider, depending on which kind of caravan you want to insure.

A Touring Caravan is designed to be attached to another vehicle and towed. Touring caravans are small enough to fit within road markings.
Static Caravans are permanent structures, kept in one place. As they don’t need to be towed, they tend to be larger than touring caravans.

Does my UK Car Insurance also cover my Touring Caravan?

As with all insurance, the answer to this will depend on the specific Car Insurance policy that you have. Check the details of your car policy to find out what cover is included when you are towing a caravan. Some UK Car Insurance policies will give you third party cover on your caravan, protecting others, but not helping you with the cost of repair or replacement if you damage your caravan in an accident that’s your fault. Car Insurance won’t cover damage to your touring caravan when it is detached, or if it is stolen. These are all good reasons not to rely on Car Insurance to protect your caravan – that isn’t what it is designed for. To cover your caravan completely, look for specialist UK Caravan Insurance.

What to look for when comparing Caravan Insurance Policies?

We know you’ll be comparing the cost of Caravan Insurance when you get a number of quotes, but it’s really important to read the details of each policy as part of making your choice. Also, take a look at your existing Car Insurance and Home Insurance policies before you buy Caravan Insurance. You want to understand what level of cover you already have before you buy, so that you can be sure you aren’t paying for the same cover twice.

Once you have a good idea of any existing protection from other insurance policies, here are some common features of UK Caravan Insurance that it’s worth knowing about and looking out for when you compare policies.

Different UK Insurers will offer different levels of cover for your Caravan and, as with most insurance, the higher the cover, the higher the premiums are likely to be. But there can be good reason to spend more on better cover. Choosing between New for Old or Market Value cover might make a substantial difference to the amount you receive if you need to claim on your Caravan Insurance.

New for Old Caravan Insurance compensates you for the total loss of your caravan by providing the amount it would cost to buy a new, equivalent caravan.

Market Value Caravan Insurance will pay the value of your caravan at the time of the claim. If your caravan is 12 years old and well used, your claim will only be paid to the value of a similar model of that age and condition.

RESTRICTIONS: Whatever Insurance you are buying, there will be policy restrictions. When you compare Caravan Insurance quotes, make sure you also take a note of the restrictions for each policy, so you can make the right choice for your circumstances. Caravan Insurance restrictions could include:

  • Size of the Caravan – check for any maximum length noted on insurance quotes for your caravan
  • Touring abroad – If you are insuring a touring caravan and plan to travel abroad with it, have a look for EU coverage on the Caravan Insurance you’re considering. Also note any limits on the number or length of trips abroad that are permitted by the policy.

What does Caravan Insurance usually cover?

Policies vary, of course, but many UK Caravan Insurance policies will include:

  • Theft – your caravan is stolen while it is detached from your car
  • Bulgary – your caravan is broken into and items are taken or damaged
  • Internal and External Damage – for example from accidents, leaks or fire. Always check exactly what kind of damage each Caravan Insurance policy will cover.

Caravan Insurance

Just one short form gets you great quotes on Caravan Insurance from quality UK Insurance providers.*

Keep on Comparing

Finding Caravan Insurance is a good example of an area where different types of Insurance can overlap. Because this can happen, having great value, quality insurance policies not only makes life easier, but it could keep costs down by limiting the number of different types of policy you need to take out. Compare quotes on UK insurance from the categories below to see how you could make more sense of your insurance set up.

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