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Motor Fleet Insurance

One short form and you’re done! Find the right UK Insurance deal for your fleet when you compare quality quotes.*

Motor Fleet Insurance

You’ll sometimes see this type of UK Insurance referred to as Vehicle Fleet Insurance, HGV Fleet Insurance, Fleet Buinsess Insurance or just plain Fleet Insurance. It can also overlap with some Multi-car or Multi-Vehicle Insurance policies too. Essentially, all these kinds of policies address the needs of anyone who needs to arrange and manage insurance for at least 2 or more vehicles.

What is Fleet Insurance?

UK Fleet Insurance offers a sensible solution to need to insure more than once vehicle. This could be for private vehicles – some families can find themselves with a small fleet, especially once sons and daughters start learning to drive too! More often though, Motor Fleet Insurance is used by anyone managing a number of vehicles for business or commercial activities.

What types of vehicle are covered with Fleet Insurance?

This will depend on the policy you choose, but Motor Fleet Insurance should be flexible enough to cover a wide range of setups. From cars, motorbikes and small vans, through to larger trucks or long-distance HGV haulage rigs, a good Fleet Insurance policy will be able to meet your needs.

How many is a fleet?

Good question! The answer is that it depends. Check the quotes that you are comparing as different Insurance Providers will set different minimum vehicle numbers for their Fleet products – ranging from just two, to other policies that require three, four or five vehicles to be covered. At the other end of the scale, you are unlikely to have a problem with having too many vehicles – UK Fleet Insurance will sometimes allow for hundreds of vehicles on the same policy.

What are the Benefits of a Fleet or Multi Vehicle Insurance Policy?

The obvious benefit of Fleet Insurance is it makes life so much easier. Rather than having to keep track of separate insurance policies and renewal dates for every vehicle, you manage one policy for the lot. Life is also easier when you are able to set insured drivers across all vehicles – rather than having to keep track of who is insured to drive what. Most Fleet Insurance policies will have ‘Any Driver’ or similar options to help you do this.

How much does Fleet or Business Fleet Insurance cost in the UK?

What makes Fleet Insurance great is how flexible a policy can be. Unfortunately this also makes it incredibly hard to come up with an average policy cost. Every business, or family, is different – with different kinds of vehicles making different kinds of journeys. All these factors go into calculating the policy premium and so giving a cost that would be representative for lots of different people just can’t be done. So. To make sure you are getting a great policy that also represents great value, you need to compare quotes from a range of UK Fleet Insurance providers.

Motor Fleet Insurance

One short form and you’re done! Find the right UK Insurance deal for your fleet when you compare quality quotes.*

Keep Comparing

For the right policy at the best price for you, never settle for one quote – keep comparing. This is true for all types of UK Insurance, so take a look at these other options for more easy ways to compare quotes.

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