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Motorhome Insurance

Compare quotes from UK Motorhome Insurers and, with just one short form, you’ll be on the way to finding a great policy at the right price. *

Motorhome Insurance

Because it is a motor vehicle, the UK law requires you to have insurance to take your Motorhome on the road. Your car insurance will not cover it – you need to get a specific insurance policy that covers your Motorhome. The same is true of Campervans but they have their own specific Campervan Insurance cover, so be sure to get the right insurance for the vehicle you have. There’s more information on helping you understand the difference between a Motorhome and a Campervan below.

For Insurance purposes, what is the difference between a Motorhome and a Campervan?

Excellent and important question. Several factors are taken into account when deciding what Insurance Class your home on wheels falls into, and different UK Insurers may assign different ratings to the same vehicle – which is why it is always so important to check the details carefully for every Motorhome Insurance quote that you get.

SIZE MATTERS: Motorhomes are, usually, bigger than Campervans. Motorhomes tend to be built on a bus or truck chassis and will often have a divider separating the driving position in the cab from the living area at the back. Because they are big, they are heavy and so will likely have a bigger engine than a small Campervan.

FIXTURES & FITTINGS: Because of their larger size, Motorhomes will often have more (and more luxurious) fittings than an average Campervan. If your Motorhome has permanent beds, a sink, plenty of storage, perhaps even storage or a sleeping area over the cab, then you are probably right to be looking for Motorhome Insurance quotes in the UK.

COULD IT BE A CAMPER? If this isn’t sounding like your vehicle, perhaps you should look at the details for Campervan Insurance in the UK instead. Campervans are smaller, built on a small van chassis, and often have more basic accommodation. Find out more by reviewing this page dedicated to Campervan Insurance.

What does Motorhome Insurance in the UK Cover?

Many of the features of UK Motorhome Insurance will be familiar to anyone with a UK Car Insurance policy. The three levels of cover available for most UK Motorhome Insurance policy holders are:

  • Third Party Only: With this minimum level of insurance cover, you can legally take your motorhome on the road. You are covered for damage or injury that you may cause to another vehicle or person – but you and your vehicle will not be covered.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft: A level up, this type on UK Insurance will cover you for damage or injury to another vehicle or person and, additionally, covers your Motorhome if it is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Fully Comprehensive Motorhome Insurance: This includes all the cover of third party, fire and theft, but also covers your Motorhome in the case of any accidents that are your fault. As Motorhomes are expensive vehicles, this level of cover often makes the most sense to owners, as it offers the most insurance cover for their investment.

What are the other benefits I might get with a Motorhome Insurance policy?

Motorhome Insurance policies will vary in the cover and additional protection they offer. Take a look at the policy wording when you are comparing quotes for this kind of insurance and factor in any additional benefits when you are comparing the costs of cover. Policies for Motorhomes might also include:

  • Personal Belongings Cover – for items you keep in your Motorhome
  • Awning or Accessory Cover
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Optional Breakdown Cover – this is always worth reviewing as there are sometimes savings to be made if you can combine your Motorhome Insurance and breakdown policies.

Motorhome Insurance

Compare quotes from UK Motorhome Insurers and, with just one short form, you’ll be on the way to finding a great policy at the right price. *

Other Renewals Coming Up?

If you are happy with your insurance providers, that’s a good reason to stay with them for another year – but you might be paying more than you need to. It’s always wise to compare some quotes at renewal time, and with quick and easy comparison tools, that doesn’t have to take long. Try comparing quotes on UK Insurance in these Insurance categories.

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