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Campervan Insurance

Get ready for your adventures the easy way with one short form to compare great value Campervan Insurance quotes today. *

Campervan Insurance

In the UK, the law requires that every motor vehicle is correctly insured before it can be used on the road. A Campervan needs to be insured as a Campervan, not a car and not a van. Make sure you have the right type of insurance policy so that nothing stands in-between you and your adventures.

What is a Campervan?

If you are the proud owner of a classic VW Campervan or a beautiful new T5 model, delivered as a professional conversion to a Campervan – then you probably know that you’ve got a Campervan! But things might feel a little less clear for amateur conversions or less well-known models. The DVLA in the UK requires Campervans to be properly classified, so this should help you understand how an insurance provider would classify your vehicle. A van with no modifications whatsoever that you have a mattress in occasionally might not be considered a Campervan – and your Van Insurance policy might be sufficient. But if you have any of the features listed by the DVLA, then you need to be looking at Campervan Insurance to be legal and properly covered.

You’ll find information on the DVLA website, but as a quick guide, here are some of the features that would be present on a van for it to be classed as a Campervan:

  • 2 or more windows on at least one side of the main body
  • A seperate door providing access to the ‘living accommodation’ area
  • Seats and a table inside
  • Sleeping areas – that might be converted from seats when needed
  • Cooking facilities

Is it a Campervan or a Motorhome?

When you are searching for Campervan Insurance, you may often come across Motorhome Insurance too. Motorhome Insurance covers larger vehicles and getting the right policy for your vehicle is important. Motorhomes are usually built on a bus or truck chassis, and will usually have a separate driving cab and living accommodation. Campervans have basic fittings – think clever convertible items and adventures… camping on wheels! If your vehicle is a bit more luxurious, with permanent beds and plenty of space, you might have yourself a Motorhome there. If that’s the case, try reading more about Motorhome Insurance on this page to help you decide which category of UK Insurance quotes you should be comparing.

What does Campervan Insurance cover in the UK?

If you are ready to insure your Campervan, then you will have to consider which level of insurance to go for. This is very similar to UK Car Insurance. There are typically three levels of insurance cover available to Campervan owners – Third Party, Thord Party Fire & Theft, and Fully Comprehensive. You’ll need to consider the difference in premiums – lower levels of cover tend to be cheaper – balanced with the level of investment you have made in your Campervan. If it is your pride and joy and you and your family would be at a loss without it, then choose a Fully Comprehensive Campervan Insurance Policy and have peace of mind knowing that your Campervan is covered.

What additional features can I look for with Campervan Insurance?

UK Campervan Insurance providers often offer additions to their policies. Take a look at these and consider which might make sense for you to include. These additional benefits might include things like:

  • Misfuelling – It can happen to the best of us and the wrong fuel can leave you with repair costs to pay. So this is an option worth considering, especially if you regularly drive other vehicles that use different fuels.
  • Awnings – Expensive to get, especially if they are made specifically for your Campervan, awnings can suffer in an unexpected storm, so covering them might be a good option.
  • Personal Possessions – chances are that if you are off ‘camping on wheels’ in your Campervan, you’ll have a bit of other camping kit onboard. Somer Campervan Insurance policies will give you options to add cover for these kind of additional personal possessions whilst they are in the Campervan.

Campervan Insurance

Get ready for your adventures the easy way with one short form to compare great value Campervan Insurance quotes today.*

Compare More; Pay Less?

It’s always a good idea to compare quotes for insurance in the UK, whatever type of insurance it is. Comparing quotes allows you to check out the differences in policies, select the cover you need, and discover additional options that might be just right for your circumstances. And, of course, comparing quotes means comparing costs too, and helps you find the best price for the insurance that you need.

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