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Mobile Phone Insurance

Get a quick quote for mobile insurance and you might find you could pay less and get more back.*

Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance in the UK will provide cover if your phone should be accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. There are a number of ways to insure your phone, and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each may help you find the best approach for you.

Do I need to insure my phone?

A very good starting point! As with any insurance policy, it’s wise to be sure that you need it before you spend money. For Mobile Phone Insurance, ask yourself a few quick questions to help you evaluate whether insurance would be a good investment for you.

Mobile Insurance might be worth considering if…

  • You don’t have a great track record! Be honest, some people seem to keep their phones away from harm, whilst others of us, however hard we try, have a history of clumsy accidents or phones left on the bus. If that’s you, insuring your phone might make a lot of sense as the right policy should help with the cost and inconvenience of the next mishap.
  • You have an expensive phone. If you have got a great deal on a contract with a smart, expensive handset, consider for a minute what you would do if the handset was lost, stolen or damaged so that it didn’t work. Would you be able to afford a new one of the same spec? Would you be happy to downgrade and buy a cheaper handset? If the answer is no and no, then you might feel that a mobile phone insurance policy that would provide a replacement would be worth paying the premiums for.
  • You rely on your phone and would need a replacement as fast as possible. We all feel like we rely on our mobiles, but for some of us, whether for work, for family care or social contact, the idea of being without a phone for even a few days is unrealistic. In this situation, an insurance policy that will provide an immediate replacement could feel like a good solution and bring some peace of mind. However, do check the terms of any policy carefully, as not all mobile phone insurance will offer immediate replacement. (Just so you know, we work with SO-SURE*, who aim to replace your phone within 24 hours, which is as immediate as you are likely to find!)

Does that sound like you?
If you’re ready to go, get a quote and learn more.*

What are the options for insuring a mobile phone? Do I have to have a stand-alone policy?

Very broadly, there are three main ways to cover your mobile phone. As is so often the case, each approach to getting mobile insurance has its pros and cons: easy might mean more expensive premiums, and cheap could mean that, when you need to claim, you find yourself paying a large excess up front.

  1. Take out insurance from the manufacturer when you buy the phone or with your network when you take out your contract.
  2. Include cover for your mobile phone within your Home Contents Insurance
  3. Go to a specialist insurer for a stand-alone mobile phone insurance policy.

Manufacturer or Network Insurance

This option might well turn out to be the ‘easy but expensive’ choice. It’s really straightforward to tick a box when you buy the handset or signing up to a new contract, but the cost of insurance from networks, for example, might not be competitive. It’s also important to differentiate between insurance (covering accidents, theft or loss) and an extended warranty from a manufacture which may cover faults in the handset but not be of any help if your phone falls out of the window.

Use your Home Contents Insurance

If you already have a Home Insurance policy in place, it can feel sensible to use it to cover your mobile phone too. On the face of it, this may well feel like the cheapest option, as you aren’t buying a new product and adding another bill to the list. Using your Home Insurance policy may be a smart move, but it is important to review your own policy carefully and understand exactly what the cover levels will be – and what might happen if you needed to make a claim.

If you are considering relying on your Home Contents policy to cover your mobile phone, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • WHERE: Your policy may cover your phone when it is at home, but you probably want to cover it away from the home too. You’ll need to contact your provider and ask them to add your mobile phone as a possession covered outside the home. This may change your Home Insurance premium.
  • WHAT: Again, check your Contents Insurance carefully. You may find you are covered for loss and theft, but not for accidental damage. Cover for accidents is often an optional add-on for Home Insurance policies. If you don’t have it included and want to add it, you may find this increases what you are paying.
  • HOW MUCH: Many types of insurance use the idea of an excess – an amount that you pay towards a claim before the insurance provider steps in and pays the rest. As Home Insurance claims are often expensive, the excess is likely to be set relatively high. If you have a Contents Excess of £200 and replacing your phone costs £300, you’ll be paying 66% of the cost.

Specialist Mobile Phone Insurance

A third way to protect your mobile phone, is to take out a stand-alone policy from a specialist insurer. Yes, you are adding another insurance policy to your life, but it’s likely that you will pay less than you would buying from your network, and probable that the policy will be better suited to your needs than Home Contents cover, as it is designed specifically for mobiles.

There are a number of providers who can cover your mobile phone – some just cover phones, some cover a wider range of gadgets and electronics. If you are looking at mobile cover specifically, check and compare details carefully as they will vary by provider. Some policy features to look out for in a policy include:

  • Loss, theft and accidental damage
  • Water damage – not always included, so do check
  • Overseas travel – if you are often outside of the UK, this might be important to you
  • Phone accessories – if your case or headphone are valuable and would be lost with your phone, then some policies will cover them too
  • Network charges – if your phone is stolen, it may be used and charges will be incurred. Compare the maximum network charges that each policy will cover for this kind of fraudulent use.
  • Age of the mobile phone – some mobile phone insurance will cover only new phones, some will cover new and refurbished and some will cover new, refurbished and old phones, so make sure that the policy you choose will cover the phone you have!

Mobile Phone Insurance

Get a quick quote for mobile insurance and you might find you could pay less and get more back. *

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