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Food Delivery Insurance

A quick and easy way to find the best deal for your food delivery insurance with policies and deals from leading UK providers.*

Get Insured for Food Delivery

Courier or Delivery Driver Insurance is a specific type of insurance policy designed for anyone who makes multiple deliveries of good or parcels in return for some kind of payment or compensation. If you are using a vehicle to make deliveries, you can’t rely on your regular insurance; you need a specialist policy to protect you.

Do I need Food Delivery Insurance?

If you use a car, van, scooter or motorbike to make deliveries, then yes, you need some kind of delivery insurance cover. You need a policy that takes into account the kind of driving that delivery or courier drivers do (high mileage and often in busy areas) and also offers a level of cover for the items that you are delivering. If you are being paid to make deliveries in your car, for example, but only have standard private car insurance, that policy may well be invalid if you have an accident and it won’t include cover to compensate you if the goods you are carrying are stolen from your vehicle.

Carriage of Goods for Hire or Reward

This is the key phrase you need to look out for deciding whether an insurance deal will be suited to courier or delivery driver work. This category of cover differs from categories like Commuting or Business use that may already appear on a standard Car Insurance or Van Insurance policy. Whether you make your deliveries in a car, a van or a motorbike, the description is the same.

How to Choose Food Delivery Driver Insurance

As with any type of insurance, Courier or Delivery Driver policies will differ. Always read any policy that you are considering carefully and compare the policy details as well as the price to find the right deal for your circumstances.

Like many types of motoring insurance, your first decision when selecting the best Courier & Delivery Driver Insurance will be the level of cover you want:

  • Third Party only: Covers damage done to other people or their property and only that. No cover for damage done to you or your vehicle.
  • Third Party and Fire and Theft: This builds on the most basic cover by adding compensation for your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Fully Comprehensive: The preferred level of cover for many, comprehensive insurance policies cover third party damage, fire and theft, but also compensate you for costs incurred if your vehicle is damaged in an accident (even if it is your fault).

What will UK Food Delivery Driver Insurance Cover?

Carriage of Good for Hire and Reward. This is probably the most important aspect. It’s a type of Goods In Transit Insurance that covers the items you are delivering. You should expect a Goods In Transit Insurance Policy to cover your losses if the goods you are carrying are stolen, damaged or lost. Do be sure you understand the terms of the cover though. For example, if the supplier doesn’t package the good sufficiently to start with, you may find that your policy won’t cover you if they get damaged.

What can I add on to improve my Policy?

Once you have decided on the level of insurance cover, and checked for Good in Transit Insurance, a quality UK Insurance Provider will offer a range of additions for your Courier and Delivery Driver Insurance. As with some other business, work or trade insurance, Courier & Delivery Driver Insurance is really a bundle of different policies, brought together to provide all the relevant protection in one.

The types of additional cover that you should look for and seriously consider adding to your Delivery Insurance could include:

Public Liability Insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance: Gives you the financial support to compensate others if they or their property are damaged as a result of your work. You can find out more about this type of insurance on our Public Liability Insurance page
  • Personal Possessions Cover: Chances are that you may have a few of your own things with you when you make deliveries. If you’d like them to be covered should something happen, add this cover to your policy.
  • Breakdown & Courtesy Vehicle: If you are dependent on making deliveries for your income, then knowing that you will have support if your vehicle needs recovery following a breakdown, or having the option of a courtesy vehicle whilst yours is being repaired, could make a lot of sense.

Food Delivery Insurance

A quick and easy way to find the best deal for your food delivery insurance with policies and deals from leading UK providers.*

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