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Breakdown Cover

You could get Breakdown Cover from £15.49 per month. Get quotes from a number of leading providers with one, easy form and find the right cover for your car, van, motorbike or scooter.*

Breakdown Cover for UK Drivers

Breakdown Cover gives drivers of cars, vans, motorbikes or scooters access to support in the event that their vehicle breaks down. Not only will this type of insurance help you if your vehicle develops a fault, but it also supports many of us with the more frequent problems of a flat battery or a punctured tyre. If the idea of changing a wheel in the middle of nowhere is not appealing to you (and it certainly isn’t for me), or you don’t want to carry jump leads and find yourself begging strangers in a car park to help you get your battery going, then definitely consider getting some kind of Breakdown Cover.

What levels of Breakdown Cover can I choose from?

When you are looking for the best Breakdown Cover to suit your needs, you will find a range of choices available. The level of Breakdown Cover you want will depend on how and where you use your vehicle, as well as the features you’d like to include. As you’d expect, the higher the level of cover, the more you can expect to pay for your Breakdown Cover policy – however, by comparing a number of quotes and selecting a policy that meets your needs, but doesn’t give you services you won’t use, you should be able to find the right Breakdown Cover for your car, van, motorbike or scooter at a price that works for you.

Leading Breakdown Cover providers will usually let you choose the level of Breakdown Cover based on the distance from your home address. All good Vehicle Breakdown Policies should attempt to repair your car at the roadside. What happens in the event that the car, van, motorbike or scooter can’t be repaired on the spot will depend on the level of cover you have chosen.

Examples of Levels of Breakdown Cover:

  • Local: If you need to call for breakdown assistance and the issues can’t be fixed at the roadside, you, your vehicle, and your passengers will be take to the nearest local garage that is able to undertake the repair work needed.
  • National: If you have chosen National Breakdown Cover, then, if your vehicle can not be repaired either at the roadside or, with some policies, at a local garage on the same day, then you and your passengers will be taken to any UK destination of your choice.
  • European: This wider level of Breakdown Cover is a kind of upgrade to the National Cover, adding roadside assistance and various levels of recovery within Europe.

Can I call for Breakdown Assistance at home? What if I wake up to a flat battery?

Breakdown Cover is a great way to avoid being stranded without help when you are driving. But what about when your vehicle needs help and it hasn’t even left the drive? Standard Roadside Assistance Breakdown Cover policies will usually specify a distance from your home address at which they will attend a breakdown – perhaps 1 mile. However, by adding a Home Start feature to your Breakdown Cover, you can get the same level of trained assistance, even if you haven’t started your trip. Look for Home Start as an option when you are getting Breakdown Cover quotes if this feels like a valuable addition for you.

Will Breakdown Cover pay for Onward Travel?

Like Home Start, Onward Travel options are usually presented as additional features you can add to a Breakdown Cover policy. Although the exact details will vary according to which provider you choose, Onward Travel features are designed to help with any costs incurred when a vehicle breakdown leaves you stuck. You can expect to find options that would cover alternative travel, perhaps a courtesy car or even overnight accommodation costs if needed. Not every driver will need these optional extras. If you only use your vehicle for shorter, local journeys, paying more for your Breakdown Cover so that you can stay in a hotel will probably not make sense! However, if you regularly make long trips where it is important you are able to complete the journey as easily as possible, the increased premium for your Breakdown Cover may well feel like a good investment for you.

Breakdown Cover

You could get Breakdown Cover from £15.49 per month. Get quotes from a number of leading providers with one, easy form and find the right cover for your car, van, motorbike or scooter.*

Cover What Counts: Compare Other UK Insurance

Breakdown Cover gives you the confidence of knowing that you’ll have help if you need it – great quality UK Insurance products can offer you the same peace of mind for your home, your family and your business. Take a look at these UK Insurance categories to find the policies that will work well for you.

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