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Bicycle Insurance

You could pay less than £36 for Insurance on bicycles valued up to £1500.*

Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle Insurance can cover you if your bike is stolen. Unfortunately, bikes get stolen quite a lot – so this is something all bike owners need to be realistic about. Many people will find that their Home Insurance Policy offers basic cover for push bikes – but the key word here might be ‘basic.’ You will probably find that your home policy sets a limit on the value of bike they will cover – and this can be quite low. If your bike is worth more, upping the limit on your Home Insurance policy may end up costing you more than a dedicated Bike Insurance Policy. So compare quotes and see what will work best for you.

What’s so special about specialist Bike Insurance?

If your bike is valuable, specialist cover may offer a better deal than using your Home Insurance to protect against the cost of replacing it in the event of theft. But theft isn’t the only misfortune that can befall your bicycle, and specialist Bike Insurance recognises that. When you’re shopping for the right deal, look out for policies that include some of these features alongside the right level of theft cover:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Cover for clothing and helmets
  • Cover for lights and accessories attached to your bike – think GPS, Garmin etc.
  • Race or events cover

What about accidents?

There is a chance that you could cause an accident or damage something when you are cycling. We hope it won’t happen but, if it did, there are Bike Insurance policies that would help you with a claim against you. Look for third party liability cover when you are comparing Bike Insurance deals and you may find that you can add this as an option even when it isn’t standard.

What about E-Bike Insurance?

Very good question. Electric bikes, e-bikes, are often more expensive than standard bikes and so you’d be wise to protect against the cost of having to replace them in the event of theft. You may find that your Home Insurance will not cover e-bikes at all, and in that case your only option is to shop for the best specialist Bike Insurance, making sure that you get quotes based on having an e-bike. As an added bonus, you will find that some e-bike insurance deals will include breakdown cover to support you on your adventures.

Bicycle Insurance

You could pay less than £36 for Insurance on bicycles valued up to £1500.*

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